- x I'm imperfect and oh so beautiful x -

Do you like me? Or do you love me?

Imperfection is the best type of beauty
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This is a rating community for every type of person, but expecially those who aren't societies perfect person. We are open to gals and males. We like things that stand out in people here, its okay to be shy. But we need to really see something in your application before we accept you. <3


For applicants -
* be respectful to the members
* don't be dumb
* its okay to be funny...just don't be sacrastic, it won't help you get in
* put all applications behind LJ cut <*lj-cut text = " blah blah" *> (for those who didn't know, and don't forget to take the stars out)
* title your first entry "Is imperfection is my nature?" so I know you read the rules
* must summit application with in 48 hours
* must be willing to promote ur brains out!!!
* once you are in you can vote
* if you are rejected...you can try again in 5 days....and if you are rejected again, you can try in 10...if you get rejected that time. TAKE THE HINT!
* be ready for the truth

For members -
* If you are posting more than one picture, put it behind a cut
* no inopropriate pix please
* try to post at least 1-2 times a week...or more
* stay civil
* promote and vote when ever you can
* When voting, be as truethful as you want...just don't make anyone cry

Application <3

x Name -
x Nick Names -
x Age -
x DOB -
x Sex -
x Sexual Preference -
x Location -

x Top 10 favorite bands
x Top 7 favorite movies
x Top 5 favorite shows
x Top 3 favorite books

Favorites -
x food
x color
x time of day
x day of the week
x sport
x subject
x animal
x number
x ice cream flavor
x pizza topping
x song lyrics
x intrument

Random -
x Do you have any piecrings? or tatoos?
x Any pets?
x Play any sports?
x Wat color ink do you prefer in pens?
x Night or Day person?
x How often do you cry?
x Where do you shop?
x Whats your opinion of yourself?
x Do you like degrassi?
x What are your interests/hobbies?

Opinions -
x War -
x Abortion -
x Self Harm -
x Eating Disorders -
x Hunting -
x The occult -

x Why should you be accepted?
x How did you find this community?
x Please promote to 2 active journals or one active community
x Anything else?

x Please post at least 3 clear, non-photoshopp, pictures that we can clearly see your face.

~ Your Mods ~