Fisha (witheringxfast) wrote in imperfect_you,

x Name - Alyssa Joyce
x Nick Names - AJ, Lyss
x Age - 15
x DOB - 3-19-89
x Sex - female
x Sexual Preference - guys plz
x Location - NJ

x Top 10 favorite bands
- Senses Fail, TBS, DC, SoCo, Pink Floyd, The Starting Line, A Static Lullaby, Atreyu, Trapt, Finch, Allister

x Top 7 favorite movies
- A Little Princess, The Little Mermaid, Harry Potter, The Butterfly Effect, Secret Window, Thirteen

x Top 5 favorite shows
- the family guy, the simpsons, south park, charmed, Friends
x Top 3 favorite books
- Dreadful Sorry, Cut, The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Favorites -
x food - cheese
x color - orange
x time of day - around 4ish
x day of the week - friday
x sport - fencing! 
x subject - english
x animal - llama
x number - 19
x ice cream flavor - peanut butter ripple or cotton candy
x pizza topping - cheese
x song lyrics - "u could slit my throat and with my one last gasping breath, I'd apologize for bleeding on ur shirt"
x intrument - flute!

Random -
x Do you have any piecrings? or tatoos? - ears only...
x Any pets? - my dog, snoopy! my frog, 2 birds, and a few fish
x Play any sports? - tennis, fencing, and marching band (its a sport!)
x Wat color ink do you prefer in pens?- black
x Night or Day person? - night
x How often do you cry?  -alot
x Where do you shop?- any place where i see something I like
x Whats your opinion of yourself? -Some days I like myself...somedays I don't
x Do you like degrassi? -yes!!!!!!!!!
x What are your interests/hobbies? - fencing, reading, writing, internet

Opinions -
x War - eh, don't understand why we have to kill to solve a problemo
x Abortion - its like murder, people should take responcibility for their actions
x Self Harm - I self harm, but I'm getting help <3 Its an excape, and for people who do it to look cool are even more mentally unstable than the ones who do it to feel better.
x Eating Disorders - I'm pro-ana on and off for about a I'm off. I want help for my disorder
x Hunting - eeek, hate it hate it hate it!!!! expecially if it for fun.
x The occult - I'm wiccan so I highly believe

x Why should you be accepted? ha...i'm the mod, i accept myself!
x How did you find this community?  i made it
x Please promote to 2 active journals or one active community - i will 2marrow
x Anything else? not really

x Please post at least 3 clear, non-photoshopp, pictures that we can clearly see your face.
- ill do it my comp is slow

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