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x Name -meryl
x Nick Names - umm...
x Age -14
x DOB -11/09/
x Sex -female
x Sexual Preference -strait
x Location -toronto, canada

x Top 10 favorite bands-simple plan, good charlotte, avril lavigne(bite me),ashlee simpson(again, bite me)
x Top 7 favorite movies-how to deal, catch me if you can, win a date with tad hamilton
x Top 5 favorite shows-friends,joey,daria,rfr,degrassi,fresh prince,threes company
x Top 3 favorite books- cut,angus thongs and full frontal snogging series,girl 15 charming but insane,define normal
Favorites -
x food-pizza
x color- black, red, and blue
x time of day- night
x day of the week- friday
x sport- hockey
x subject- creative writting
x animal- baby penguins
x number- 15
x ice cream flavor- chocolate chip cookie dough
x pizza topping- just cheese
x song lyrics- avril lavinge(bite me)
x intrument- voice...kinda gutair

Random -
x Do you have any piecrings? or tatoos? peircings ears
x Any pets? non
x Play any sports? not rilly
x Wat color ink do you prefer in pens? purple
x Night or Day person? night
x How often do you cry? ehh..idunno..
x Whats your opinion of yourself? an induvidual
x Do you like degrassi? LOVE IT
x What are your interests/hobbies? cinging, acting...

Opinions -
x War - no comment
x Abortion - no comment
x Self Harm - no comment
x Eating Disorders - no comment
x Hunting - HATE IT!!
x The occult - no comment

x Why should you be accepted? becuase i always say how i think imperfect is perfect, when something is too perfect its not perfect to me.
x How did you find this community? just randomly
x Anything else? is hot..cheese?
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