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Beautiful Disaster

Is imperfection in my nature?

Application <3

x Name - Angelica
x Nick Names - Angie & Cookie
x Age - 20
x DOB - 07-21-84
x Sex - Female
x Sexual Preference - Hetero
x Location - Los Angeles

x Top 10 favorite bands - Delerium, :wumpscut:, Wolfsheim, Fiona Apple, Ministry, Vast, Velvet Acid Christ, Lacuna Coil, Cranes and Blutengel
x Top 7 favorite movies - Donnie Darko, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Amelie, The Anarchist Cookbook, White Oleander, The Pianist and Equilibrium
x Top 5 favorite shows - Oprah (makes me cry or jealous), The Simpsons, Friends, Will & Grace and Globe Trekker (I want to travelt he world)
x Top 3 favorite books - A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Irresistable, and Devil in the White City

Favorites -
x food - Veggie Delite from Subway
x color - Black
x time of day - night time
x day of the week - weekdays 'cause everyone goes to school or work
x sport - basketball
x subject - english, drama and arts/crafts
x animal - cats and snakes and...I like all, actually
x number - if it's money, the higher the better
x ice cream flavor - rocky road and raspberry
x pizza topping - pineapple & jalapenos
x song lyrics - anything by Fiona's one example called Get Gone
"'Cause I do know what's good for me, and I've done what I could for you, but you're not benefiting and yet I'm sitting...singing can I deal with this, if he won't get with this, am I going to heal from this? He won't admit to it...nothing to figure out, I gotta get him out, it's time the truth comes out that he don't give a shit about me..."
x intrument - drums and upright bass

Random -
x Do you have any piecrings? or tatoos? 9 perforations on my ears and one on my tongue
x Any pets? a goldfish
x Play any sports? basketball
x Wat color ink do you prefer in pens? black
x Night or Day person? definitely nocturnal
x How often do you cry? pretty often
x Where do you shop? thrift shops and malls, but always go straight for the sales racks
x Whats your opinion of yourself? I'm shy, a bit anti-social, open-minded, caring, maybe too caring...
x Do you like degrassi? I have no idea what that is...a show? movie? band?
x What are your interests/hobbies? I like hanging out at the mall, canyons, beach, kickbacks, hookah bar...wherever. I like to play basketball and go bike-riding. Love concerts, especially psychoblly shows.

Opinions -
x War - As much as we hate them and are against them, they'll always be around. I said it once and I'll say it again, if two people in a relationship can't get along...what makes you think the world will? It's impossible.
x Abortion - I really have mixed opinions about this but I swerve more towards pro-choice. I believe that one who has been raped or is in danger has the right to abort. People shouldn't be using abortion as a form of birth control because it is not and it's far more expensive than buying condoms. But even if abortion becomes illegal, women will still do them by shoving a coathanger uo there and endangering themselves so I'd rather have them keep it legal.
x Self Harm - I'm not against this at all because I do it once in a while. It's my way of controling me emotions. It relieves any pain, stress, sadness, anger I'm feeling. But when one does it to attract attention, that's stupid.
x Eating Disorders - I have disordered eating but no real eating disorder such as anorexia. I think it's really sick that most girls want to be 75 pounds at 5'2" and beng 17 years old. I'd like to be thin but not in a coffin!
x Hunting - This makes me sad. But right now I'm an omnivore so I'd be a hypocrite to say I'm against it 'cause I the damn animals...and I have leather boots...
x The occult - Interesting.

x Why should you be accepted? I am beautifully imperfect...guess I'm not that creative after all.
x How did you find this community? under the word "different"
x Please promote to 2 active journals or one active community - comm_promo
x Anything else? ...


That's me at Denny's =D
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