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can I join? cuz I luv my penis :-) hehe lyss

x Name - Sara
x Nick Names - Circa, peaCOCK, Whipz, Cock... :-)
x Age - 15
x DOB - May 21, 1989
x Sex - Female
x Sexual Preference - Straight.. so guys lol
x Location - Haskell, NJ

x Top 10 favorite bands Blink 182, Senses Fail, A Perfect Circle, Matchbook Romance, Smile Empty Soul, Nirvana, Dashboard Confessional, Lostprophets, Taking Back Sunday, Brand New
x Top 7 favorite movies Nightmare Before Christmas, Secret Window, The Exorsist, any Friday the 13th, any Nightmare on Elm Street, Peter Pan, Sleepy Hollow
x Top 5 favorite shows Can I Come In?, Room Raiders, anything on the SIFI channel, Saved By The Bell *haha, it's the truth*, the Rock Countdown on MTV2
x Top 3 favorite books Salem's Lot, Bag of Bones, Christine all by Stephen King

Favorites -
x food -chocolate
x color- red
x time of day- midnight
x day of the week-friday or saturday
x sport- uh none
x subject- gym class hehe
x animal-peacock, penguin, or any type of cat
x number- 13
x ice cream flavor-death by chocolate :-)
x pizza topping- pepperoni
x song lyrics- "Man it takes a silly girl to lie about the dreams she has Lord it takes a lonely one to wish that she had never dreamt at all" <-- Carve Your Heart Out Yourself by Dashboard Confessional... all of their lyrics are my favs.
x intrument- umm... piano or guitar or drums lol

Random -
x Do you have any piecrings? or tatoos? - 2 piercings in each ear and my belly button, no tatoos yet...
x Any pets? 2 cats
x Play any sports? nope
x Wat color ink do you prefer in pens? red or black
x Night or Day person? night
x How often do you cry? um depending on what mood i am in, usually its all the time though... i can't help it...
x Where do you shop? hot topic, pac sun... dont know where else
x Whats your opinion of yourself? im not near perfect, im the complete opposite. there is nothing good about me but this is me, trying not to hide behind any kind of facade
x Do you like degrassi? um... don't know? never seen it...
x What are your interests/hobbies? writing poetry, lyrics, or just about anything.. listening to music

Opinions -
x War - there is no need for it or to kill someone
x Abortion - its a bad thing.. but sometimes i can understand why there is such a thing only if the person is below the legal age... but still, it is so wrong to kill a life...
x Self Harm - ... it's once again not a good thing, but... i can't say anything because i've been there... you can't stop a person from it, you can only try and help them to stop
x Eating Disorders - people shouldnt have an eating disorder but you can't help it sometimes, it's a way a person is and you just can't change it.. you can only try and help the person along...
x Hunting - it's wrong to kill a life, even if it is an animal because an animal is a life... stop the hunting please, you are killing me as you hunt...
x The occult - believe in it completely and totally.. nothing more can be said execpt there...

x Why should you be accepted? I'm anything but the perfect person like I have said before, and Alyssa told me to put "because I am your cock biznatch!" .. yes it's the truth hehe
x How did you find this community? Alyssa... cuz she made it... and i love her! she is the best
x Please promote to 2 active journals or one active community
x Anything else? i dont know... I love lyss.. she is my penis :-)

Putting in the pic tomorrow because I don't know how to yet... Lyss has to teach me :-)
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